Supply Levels

The devil is in the details.


The Office Managers never had an organized way to monitor or manage the office's supply levels. We wanted to provide them an easier way to manage their supply inventory.

Research consisted of


Design Sprint

Various people throughout the organization as well as our clients knew more about the problems they encountered when monitoring supplies. We decided to run an abbreviated design sprint to collect as much information we could.

What we found

In addition to several details about internal processes, we learned employees would often create Excel documents to monitor supply levels as they walked around. Somebody else would then order items needed by following the spreadsheet. This led me to design this with mobile experience in mind.

Speed Bump 1

The ability to monitor supply levels and reorder on the same screen was recieved well, until we realized that there was a gap between items that had been shipped had not yet arrived. Without knowing this the Attendants were reluctant to place orders.

Speed Bump 2

In a one interview we learned larger clients kept the same supplies across multiple storage areas. We realized we now needed to find a way to allow clients the ability to set various storage areas for each item.

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