User Research

Understanding users and identifying opportunities.


Research plan

Conduct twenty hour-long interviews with four different roles through companies. Ask them to keep a journal of two work days prior to the interview.

Persona Interviews

We organized the interviews in a very structured way to help point the intervieweeto discuss what was truly important to providing a happy and productive workplace.

Identify Key Themes

We poured through our notes and transcripts to identify key themes, grouping themes with some of the high level concerns relating to each.

Individual Perceptions

On a separate wall, we paired each concern with the actual quotes given by the interviewees. We tagged each quote with the type of role it matched.


We asked each interviewee to rate how strongly they felt an aspect of office life did or did not contribute to a happy and productive workplace. For each "Feel Intensely" rating, we placed a dot within the same bucket. This gave us an immediate visual of what a moajority of people felt improved the workplace.


At the end of the six-week project, we had a comprehensive view of what people felt contributed to a happy and productive workplace. We had direct quotes, broken down by themes, aspects, role, and intensity of opinion. This gave us plenty of insights when focusing our efforts over the coming year.

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